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Ancient City Gymnastics

Middle School & High School Student

Volunteer Program

Volunteering is a great way for students to build their resumes and skill sets. More important, volunteer opportunities for teens and high school students can be life changing experiences. 

Here at Ancient City Gymnastics, we accept teens between the ages of 13-18 who are interested in gymnastics and love kids!

When volunteering at Ancient City Gymnastics we require teens to be dedicated and committed to being positive role models for all students. Simply showing up is not enough to get anything out of the experience for the teen volunteering or for the children you interact with. Our volunteer opportunities provide the teen with a comprehensive work experience he or she can use to build a resume and get reference letters for college or future employment. In general volunteer programs are a great way for teens to build empathy, compassion, responsibility, and job skills that future employers will look for.

As a volunteer at Ancient City Gymnastics, you play an important role in the lives of children, including supporting their social, emotional, and physical development. Our program provides opportunities for children to try new activities, develop relationships with others, develop social skills and physical activity.



Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Submit a volunteer application.

  • Be able to volunteer an average of one (1) four-hour shift per week (June – August)

  • Be committed to being a role model for today’s youth.


Volunteer work will include but not limited to:

  • Hands-on activities with children

  • Assist with a cleaning.

  • Assist with lunch & snack shack.

  • Assist other staff when and where needed when asked.

  • Provide an enthusiastic, positive, and fun attitude at all times.

If you have ready everything above and think that you would be a good candidate to volunteer at our facility click on the link below and fill out a volunteer application.

Email your filled out application to

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