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 Ancient City Gymnastics clinics focus on specific skill building.

Kip Clinics

 This clinic is for advanced gymnasts that are looking to improve their glide kip, a required skill for all level 4 and higher team members. The focus will be on technique and form. Students must be able to do a pull over, back hip circle to enroll.

Does your child need only one more skill to move up to the next level or do they just really need to improve their strength on a specific event?
Ancient City Gymnastics Clinics are here to help! 



Back Handspring Clinic 

 These clinics are looking to help introduce and/or improve the gymnast’s back handspring. Drills will focus on form and technique.

Routine Clinic
These level and event specific clinics are designed to progress our team gymnasts on the perfection of their competitive routines. The focus is on routine details. Gymnasts must be a Team Member to enroll.

Optional Skill Development Clinics - These clinics are for our level 4-10 athletes looking to develop the skill sets necessary to progress toward the next level. Each month the clinic will focus on a specific apparatus and technique or skill. 

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